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How to distinguish the quality of mosaic tiles

How to distinguish the quality of mosaic tiles

There are two kinds of ceramic mosaics tiles. One is directly fired while another one is cuting.

The first one needs in a small kiln, it is better to buy cutting ceramic mosaic, which wear rate is better

In fact, to identify tiles is not so difficult to imagine, mainly reflected in the “see, feel, listen and fight” four simple steps:
1, To see the mosaic tile

It is to rely on their own visual experience to check the quality of the mosaic surface if it is flawed.

2, To feel the mosaic tiles

It refers to the mosaic tiles feeling in the hand of the perceived weight. It not only reflects the feel of ceramic tiles, but also to show its quality.

The feel of high-quality and high-density ceramic tile is usually relatively calm, while inferior ceramic tile is exactly the opposite.

3, To listen the mosaic tiles

It means that we can also identify the pros and cons of the tile by tapping the surface of the tile with a bent finger.  And then listen the sound emitted by the tile.

Wall tiles and small ceramic tiles—These two types of tiles are struck with a metal texture of the sound, the surface of its better quality, and vice versa.

Vitrified tiles and antique tiles—The sound of these two types of ceramic tiles is loud and long echoes.

The signs are the same. It indicates that they are better porcelain, more wear resistance, greater resistance to pressure, absorption rate is lower.

4, To fight the mosaic tiles

It means that you can directly want the same specifications and models of tile products. Randomly extracted four, splicing display, so that it is located above the same level.

After these four steps, you can tell the mosaic tiles is good or not

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