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Victor Display in Covering

Coverings 2018 was a huge success for Victor Display

Coverings 2018 was a huge success.

What is Covering

For almost thirty years, Coverings has been the preeminent event for the ceramic tile & natural stone industry in North America.

Visitors from every facet of the tile & stone industry find that Coverings is the one event that drives their success, year after year.

All in one venue, see thousands of dazzling products, connect with suppliers from around the globe and discover ground-breaking techniques, tips and tricks. If it’s new in tile & stone, it’s at Coverings.

What is Victor Display

Victor Display is the leading manufacture in stone and tiles display products located in Xiamen,China.

Main Products including display towers, tabletop display, sample books,sample boxes and so on. With a strong team of highly experienced and professional workforce in the industry, Victor Display has been recognized as the the best supplier for stone and tile display products.

More and more stone company choose Victor Display as stone and tile display supplier because of the good quality, excellent service and reasonable price.

Victor Display attended Covering stone fair and get huge success. We bring high quality products. there where stone display tower, table top racks, sample binders, sample cases and sample boards. All of them are popular in stone showroom and market

Looking forward to Coverings 2019 on April 9-12 in Orlando

Coverings 2018 was a huge success for Victor Display

Coverings 2018 was a huge success for Victor Display

Coverings 2018 was a huge success for Victor Display

Coverings 2018 was a huge success for Victor Display


Why you need good display stands for stone tile products

Why you need good display stands for stone tile products

Display stands help customers carefully look at the goods, access to goods and feel the goods.

After the showcase display, customers have a detailed understanding of the stone tile products, so that to promote sales purposes

The outstanding characteristics of the product exposed to customers, to absorb their concerns, further triggering interest.

Informed the prevailing information, product information to customers, so that customers keep up with the prevailing pace.

New stone tile colors, through the display of the theme of the show, to the new and interesting customers.

Victor Display is one of the best stone display solutions suppliers, we devote to produce high quality displays which are best for your products, so that to help your business.

good display stands for stone

Why you need a good displays for stone samples.

Why you need a good displays for your stone samples.

good displays for stone samples, they are belonged to physical display tools. No matter display tower, table top rack, sample binders, sample boards and so on

Service marketing scholars not only view the environment as a powerful evidence of support. It not only reflection of the quality of service offerings, but also extend the physical presentation of content from the environment. And it includes all of the physical products and facilities. They are used to help produce service and packaging services.

These physical displays, if they are good at management and utilization, can help customers to perceive the characteristics of service products. And enhance the benefits they receive when they enjoy services.

Good displays can help establish the image of stone products and service enterprises.

They can support the implementation of marketing strategies.

Conversely, If not good at management and use, they may convey the wrong message to the customer. And affecting customer expectations and judgments on the product. Thus undermining the service product and the company’s image.

According to the theory of environmental psychology.  The perceptions of the visible objects and the impressions obtained by the customers using the senses will directly affect the customers’ understanding. And then evaluation of the service product quality and service corporate image.

Consumers make judgments about service offerings based on information provided by tangible objects that they can perceive before purchasing and enjoying the service.

By the good displays for stone samples from Victor, we supply

stone display tower to fit big samples

table top racks to display at the countertop area

Sample suitcase for travelling with stone colors

Sample binder to ship your best color easily

And ODM/OEM is welcome, send us displays picture or  design sketch. We will make it become true products.

Tile Display Stand Rack

VQ082 Wood Rack for Quartz Stone

VS048 Granite Color Samples BOOK

Hand Board for Stone Tile Samples

Maintain Your Stone Display Tower

Stone display tower is mostly made of Metal or at least a part is metal.

Metal display rack has its durable and durable features.

In general, the daily wear and tear can make it more and more show the ancient flavor, but this does not mean that iron shelves without maintenance.

Maintain Your Stone Display Tower

Due to the particularity of the material and the craft of the iron display rack, it also has its special place for maintenance and repair:

  1. Dust removal
    A lot of dust outdoors and indoors, there will be a layer of dust on the surface of the display rack after long time. It will affect the effect of display rack, a long time will lead to the protective film on the rack damage. Therefore, outdoor iron exhibition rack should be regularly wiped, generally with a soft cotton wipe as well.
  2. Avoid bump.
    This is the first thing to be noticed after purchasing an iron display rack. The display rack should be handled with care. The place where the rack is placed should not be touched by hard objects. Once a place is selected, it should not be frequent Changes. Placing the display of the ground should also be kept flat, so that four legs display steady. If the shaky instability, it will make a slight deformation of the display, affecting the shelf life.
  3. isolated from the wet.
    Indoor humidity should be maintained within the normal value. stone display towers should be away from the humidifier. Moisture will make the metal appear rust, chrome-plated produce stripping and so on. Show rack cleaning, avoid using boiling water to clean the display rack, wipe with a damp cloth, but do not use running water rinse.
  4. Eliminate rust.
    If the exhibition rack rusty, do not advocate using sandpaper polished. Rust smaller and lighter, available cotton yarn dipped in oil applied to the rust Department, wait a moment, rub can eliminate rust. If the rust has been enlarged and heavy, you should ask the technical staff to repair.

Stone Display Towers from Victor Display

VQ185 Display Stand for Granite Worktops


Stone Display Tower VQ154

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Victor Display in Marmomacc Italy

Italy Verona stone exhibition MARMOMACC is the world’s largest fair in stone industry and the most authoritative exhibition.

As a rich and comprehensive “stone”. Showing the world’s most classic stone types. Avant-garde stone design, fantastic stone Industrial products, the latest stone tools and stone mining and conservation and other comprehensive display.

In 2017 Marmomacc, a new star shine the sky, it is not a stone company or tools company, it is Victor Display


Victor Display in Marmomacc

Victor Display in Marmomacc Victor Display in Marmomacc

The is the first year for Victor Team to attend Marmomacc, but very hot!

We are fresh for the marmomacc fair, but experienced in stone display products. New design with good quality, that’s why many people are streaming to our booth, from the first day to last day.

If missed the fair and still looking for stone display towers, display racks, countertop display, sample binders, sample books or sample boards

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