What is The Best Glue For Mosaic Tiles

The importance of Glue For Mosaic Tiles

Paving decoration is an important part of the mosaic tiles renovation.

And some owners pay great importance to tile paving process and quality.

When paving tiles, there is a lot of controversy from the traditional use of cement paving as the base material to the use of tile glue to pave the way.

The traditional cement process makes the owners feel more secure, but others point out that tile adhesives are more premium.

In the process of using tile glue for mosaic tiles, the type of tile glue is also of particular importance.

What is The Best Glue For Mosaic Tiles

What is The Best Glue For Mosaic Tiles

Tile glue is divided into No. 1 (ordinary type), No. 2 (enhanced) and No. 3 (larger size tiles or marble) and other varieties.

Among them, No. 1 tile adhesive for ordinary mortar surface of a variety of floor bricks or small wall tile paste;

No. 2 tile adhesive has strong adhesion and anti-falling performance, suitable for the adhesive requirements Large wall tiles, non-mortar surface such as wood surface or old veneer paste.

No.3 tile adhesive for mosaic tile paving, the adhesive force, more flexible, can resist the adhesive layer thermal expansion and contraction of the stress.


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