Display Cases

    • Sample size: 60x70x5mm, 50x70x5mm, 50x155x5mm or 60x155x5mm
    • Main materials: ABS Plastic
    • Layout: A or B or C or D
    • Pages:2-page, 3-page, 4-page
    • Color option: black, white, grey and so on
    • Email: info@stonedisplaysolutions.com
    • Whatsapp: 86-181-0690-6672


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Display Cases


Sample cases

Display cases

How many times have you wished you had an easier way to store and display your stone colors?

How many times have you wished you had an easier way to send your stone colors samples to your customers?

Organize your stone samples with ease, protect them in Victor Display’s sample binders

You can take them out or change a stone color whenever you want, no glue needed

Stylish sticker covers with you logo, products picture, ad info, contact info

Every part is special designed for you

There are more display case, display binder, stone display book from Victor Display

Choose layout and how many pages


Choose the best size from the follwoing layout

Layout of stone binder


You can construct them into different two-page sample binder, three-page sample binder, four-page sample binder

Such as

VS207 display cases sample binder

VS301 display cases-plastic sample binder





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