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Victor Display in Xiamen Stonefair 2019

B1055–An invitation to XIAMEN STONE FAIR 2019

B1055–An invitation to XIAMEN STONE FAIR 2019

In exactly 16 dys from Xiamen Stonefair 2019, we are pleased to invite you to attend our stone displays exhibition on March 6-9 in the main hall B1;

Xiamen stonefair floorPlan-area-thumb

We will be there waiting for you from 9:00 am to 6:00pm.

Victor Display in Xiamen Stonefair 2019

The exhibition will showcase a fine selection of stone displays including stone display towers, countertop displays and sample binders

The products on show will display the diverse range of stone displays from the following items:

  • Stone Display Tower/ Stone Display Stand
  • Stone Countertop Display Racks
  • Sample Binders / Sample Books
  • Stone Sample Cases and Stone Sample Boxes
  • Stone Display Boards
  • Stone Name Lable

We look forward to seeing you at this outstanding event.


CNY Holiday Notice of VICTOR DISPLAY

CNY Holiday Notice of VICTOR DISPLAY

Thank you all for giving our company full support in 2017.
The Spring Festival of 2018 is approaching, all the staff of VICTOR DISPLAY company wish you a happy Spring Festival and good luck in the year of the Horse!

In order to celebrate the traditional Spring Festival, the company is scheduled for a 13  days holiday which is from Feb 10th to Feb 22nd.

We will be back to work on Feb 23rd. Your understanding will be highly appreciated if our holiday brings you any inconveniences .

We are looking forward to your support in the coming new year and we hope we can have better cooperation and make brilliant business!

Chinese Spring Festival or Chinese New Year

Spring Festival is a family reunion holiday,which is very similar to Christmas in the West.
Away from home when the children returned to their parents at home to travel long distances.
Real the night before Chinese New Year is called “New Year’s Eve”,also known as “Reunion Night”,”group years.”
From the traditional New Year’s Eve celebrations continued until the fifteenth day Lantern Festival.
Festive atmosphere,to last a month.
Holiday movies before Jizao,worship of ancestors,to eliminate contamination.
To be posted on the 30th Door God,couplets,flag,eating dumplings,fireworks,New Year’s Eve,”Shou Sui” and other ceremonies;
younger generation who started their elders to pay the first month,
and then to the New Year with relatives and friends.When he met friends and relatives for the first time,

Chinese musicians and dancers perform a lion dance under red lantern decorations. Chinese New Year, or Spring Festival, is China’s biggest holiday, giving migrant workers their only chance of returning to their home provinces with gifts and money for the family.



Victor Display

Victor Display supply hundreds of display solutions for your stone samples.

No matter made of metal, acrylic, wood or MDF, including display racks for stone, tiles, floor and so on. You can find display towers, table top racks, sample binders, sample cases and boxes, stone name stickers, stone boards and even promotion bags here.

We know you want to find the right display solutions and quality products for your stone samples. When you buy displays from Victor, you gain not only qualified display products, but also the bests stone solutions, great service in a money-saving way



Hundreds of VQ189 Table Top Racks are ready to ship

Hundreds of VQ189 Table Top Racks are ready to ship

Chinese New Year or Chinese Spring Festival is coming, it is Delivery peak time before the big holiday

VQ189 is An ideal table top rack for marble, granite and other stone tiles. Which is useful in stores, showrooms and fair booths

VICTOR gives you the best stone display solutions

We supply different kinds of displays for your stone samples with the best price and quality, without any delay in delivery.

Get connection with Victor Display to keep updated on display solutions, please following our facebook or twitter or linkedin

For more stone tiles display solutions, please visit the web of  Victor Display or email us directly



VQ189 Table Top Racks

VQ189 Table Top Racks

Why you need a good displays for stone samples.

Why you need a good displays for your stone samples.

good displays for stone samples, they are belonged to physical display tools. No matter display tower, table top rack, sample binders, sample boards and so on

Service marketing scholars not only view the environment as a powerful evidence of support. It not only reflection of the quality of service offerings, but also extend the physical presentation of content from the environment. And it includes all of the physical products and facilities. They are used to help produce service and packaging services.

These physical displays, if they are good at management and utilization, can help customers to perceive the characteristics of service products. And enhance the benefits they receive when they enjoy services.

Good displays can help establish the image of stone products and service enterprises.

They can support the implementation of marketing strategies.

Conversely, If not good at management and use, they may convey the wrong message to the customer. And affecting customer expectations and judgments on the product. Thus undermining the service product and the company’s image.

According to the theory of environmental psychology.  The perceptions of the visible objects and the impressions obtained by the customers using the senses will directly affect the customers’ understanding. And then evaluation of the service product quality and service corporate image.

Consumers make judgments about service offerings based on information provided by tangible objects that they can perceive before purchasing and enjoying the service.

By the good displays for stone samples from Victor, we supply

stone display tower to fit big samples

table top racks to display at the countertop area

Sample suitcase for travelling with stone colors

Sample binder to ship your best color easily

And ODM/OEM is welcome, send us displays picture or  design sketch. We will make it become true products.

Tile Display Stand Rack

VQ082 Wood Rack for Quartz Stone

VS048 Granite Color Samples BOOK

Hand Board for Stone Tile Samples

Meet Victor Display at MARMOMACC in Italy 2017

The 52th Marmoracc Italy Stone Fair will be held on Spet 27-30, 2017 at Verona Exhibition Centre, Verona, Italy.


Marmomac is the leading global event for the natural stone industry and represents the entire supply chain, from raw material to semifinished and finished products, from processing machinery and technologies to applications of stone in architecture and design.

Victor Display is your one stop for stone display or exhibition solution. We devote ourselves years to create beautiful and elegance displays in your showroom or for your distributors.

These high-end display solutions are perfect for any retail environment, showrooms and stores.

Wanna see our products and check our quality?

Come to Hall 8: M2-M3-M4-5

New Auto Spot Weldings are invited to Victor Display

New automatic spot weldings are invited in Victor Display Factory

as a result, not only are time and energy saved but also production is greatly increased

Victor (Xiamen) Industry and Trade Co., Ltd is the leader manufacturer of stone display racks

Choose us, choose the good quality products, on time delivery, wonderful service experience

display racks manufacturer—Victor Display

Victor Display

a good display rack manufacturer, offers the best display solutions for stone industry. Whether you are looking for stone display tower, tile loose rack, table top rack, sample cases or sample binders, no matter you need a hot-sale item or a special design besed on your sample size, Victor Display can give you the best service that accelerate your sales and marketing cycles.

www.stonedisplaysolutions.com is a new web of Victor Display, all the pictures on this web are taken by ourselves. All what we need to do is what we do well!

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