How to understand and deal with natural stone defects

Stone in The United Nations

This is the choice of the united nations, instead avoiding the color difference of nature stone, they choose the color difference

Many owners can not accept the color difference of natural stone, work, we also encountered many stone dyeing project.

However, objectively speaking, although stone color difference processing is a good business for us, we still have a reservation about this:

What color stone really needs to be dealt with? In fact, any dyeing, finishing and toning material can not bring natural The beauty and long-term effects.

In fact, the stained stone, whether from the aesthetics, durability, is not as perfect as we imagined. Spend a lot of money for bad result

Rather than time-consuming effort to cover up the shortcomings of natural stone, it is better to appreciate and use from a different perspective.

  1. Enjoy the beauty of difference of natural stone

Defective stone may be “unfair” to consumers because it costs money and does not get the best. But no matter what kind of stone, in nature there is “fair”. When artificial “fair rules” encounter the “fair rules” of nature, in the long run, it seems even more reliable to conform to the rules of nature

2. Use Cleverly natural stone

Such as the color of the patchwork of stone arrangement, or similar colors to be arranged separately. Stone stains, color guts, wrinkles, etc., many domestic construction process, will dig to fill. But if similar defects stone, a combination of splicing can be combined into a unique pattern. Stone fracture lines, holes, etc., one method is to repair, the other method is to retain the imperfections of stone beauty, the beauty of defects

No matter the perfect or defective stone, the difficulty of mining and processing is the same. They consume the same mine resources, energy, manpower, material and financial resources. If all people just perfect stone, then only a select part of the massive resources, throw away the other part, which resulted in a lot of waste of resources.

Natural stone, not perfect. Then when we use it, we will have more tolerance and more understanding. In the long run, it will benefit the entire community, the environment and the individual. Between a concept, civilization quietly progress

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